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Originally Posted by Mr Tonka View Post
I guess when it's obvious that someone is asking how much because the car looks pretty and shiny; i don't assume it's my responsibility to make them feel like an insignificant peasant by demeaning them with my response.

Ignorance isn't an excuse for lacking tact, but it is a reason. And just because someone has never had the luxury of looking into purchasing a 135, 335, X5, M3, etc... doesn't give me the right to make them feel even more inferior than they may already feel.

The majority of people who ask those random questions will likely never drive a car worth more than $10k. In my mind that sucks and if that were my position in life, i'd rather not have to key the pretty, shiny, expensive car that belongs to that walking penis.

Just my opinion i guess.
This entire post is exactly how I feel. Thank you for putting it into words better than I could.