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What did I break this time?

Two days ago I had the misfortune of getting stuck out in a snowstorm without a winter setup installed on my 335. Derail the thread with a bunch of comments about how stupid that is if you must, but I'm VERY keenly aware. This is the first significant snow in the past year and a half, and I had intended to get snow tires when there appeared to be a need. Blizzaks are now ordered.

About 5 miles from home, my car could not be driven any more due to the conditions. I managed to get off the road into a parking lot, and I called a tow truck to bring the car the rest of the way home. It was loaded onto a flatbed. I'm no tow truck driver, but this process appeared entirely unremarkable to me. The truck delivered my car to my house and dropped it off. The lot had about 3-4" of snow when the car was unloaded.

About 24 hours later, I went outside to dig my car out (this morning.) There was about 5" of snow around it. After about an hour of rocking back and forth gently and a bit of manipulation with traction control on and off here and there, I got it out of the snow and onto the dry pavement a few feet away.

When I started driving, I immediately noticed a problem. The car now shakes like you were sitting in the middle of an earthquake once it gets to about 15mph. Visually, nothing appears grossly out of place.

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I just need an allignment. Any other ideas? I'm FBO and have about 50k miles, so warranty is not a factor. No errors on the dash, for what that's worth (probably not much.)

And, for the record, let me state a second time that I am VERY keenly aware of the need for a winter wheel/tire setup. It's already ordered. No need to waste time telling me this.