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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
My Nissan "was" trouble-free for 14 yrs. The '98 Nissan was more reliable than the 2007 335i up until last fall!! Not really a fault of the car, the starter went at year 14. Put a replacement in, which failed in 2 1/2 mos. Had to get the replacement replaced under a lifetime warranty, and just put that in yesterday. The quality of replacement auto parts is really bad. The trigger for the solenoid doesn't even fit the Nissan's plug, that's how bad. imho sticks last forever if you don't ride the clutch, the Nissan's is original, still holds fine at 220k.

If they made a BMW that lasted 14 yrs. trouble free I'd get it for sure.

imho the single greatest argument against the F30 is the pricetag. A 4 cyl. car goes for around 47k. In 2007, the 335i based at 40,600, and was loaded at 48k. The 47k today doesn't even get you a loaded car. How can a person shell out beaucoup bucks on something they don't actually like that much or love? I think the answer is those who lease. They have no choice, their cash outlay is dictated by the financing co. Whereas when you buy and drive forever, you make the decision as to whether or not to replace and when.
So where I see all of this high-MPG Government-mandated requirements crap going is to expensive cars with high maintenance costs and really to no good benefit for the owner. The N20 in the F30 will get a bit better fuel mileage than the N52. Maybe a 3 or 4 MPG increase. Using my real MPG data (27) and adding 3 MPG to get to 30 MPG average and using my average fuel price per gallon, which is $3.24. The N20 would have saved me $2,300. I'd bet anything that by 200,000 miles, I'd need to replace the turbo(s) at some point, which would easily be a $2,300 repair bill, so there is no net gain. Yeah, okay, you can make the argument that the N20 would be a half second quicker to 60 MPH, big deal. I need reliability and longevity. Throw in that the N20 is probably more expensive to produce than the N52 and would raise the base price of the car by a few thousand dollars, there is no benefit at all.