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I ended up doing it on the driver's side as I was going exactly what the OP planned. I got a Valentine 1 / V1 Savvy unit, and wanted to run the power wire along the headliner, down behind the A pillar cover, to the OBD port area.

I ended up just pulling at its edges, and managed to pull it out maybe half an inch, to where it felt really tight, and then I stopped to look, before I broke something!

With a flashlight, you can see about 2/3 of the way up, a plastic tab that hooks behind the dash. What I ended up doing was using a flathead screwdriver and feeling my way along the edge until I hit the tab, then pushed on the tab with the screwdriver towards the front of the car, until it disengaged from the dash, then just pried open the cover with my fingers.

There are two other plastic "fingers" on the back of the cover, but they just pop into place. I managed to pull back the cover a few inches this way.

Didn't fully pull it off at that point, as it looked a bit tricky, and I had enough room to get my fingers in there to grab the wire as I was pushing it down from the top.

Good luck.