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Originally Posted by phistyle View Post
HAHAHHA u so funny...if you read what i wrote then you would of seen that I said I looked in the manual already...
According to the manual (page 67 in mine), it says use "check control" to determine what logged issues are. But in all fairness, I did find that by accident one day. The list of "symbols" at the back of the manual just says "the car may start with/without the brake or clutch engaged". Not sure WTF that is all about. It doesn't mention HOW to find the issue.

As for phistyle's post, you'd be surprised how many silly posts there are on other symbols on this forum. Someone should just scan those pages, and make a sticky. Usually the post starts with "I was driving to work and *** popped up. What does this mean?" From what I learnt, it means BMW could save cash by stop printing and issuing manuals for that undersized glovebox, and supply a direct web access to It seems most people don't understand their purpose.

My wife is one of those people. I got a "there is a funny symbol on the dash" I can't remember what she said it looked like, but I did a WTF? It's symbol that looks like a tire and it's RED. Red usually means bad. Red+tire means flat....