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[quote=Driver72;760361]Rflow's results are nice to be sure, but without an apples to apples comparison on the SAME track with equal modifications, until they release dyno numbers of their tune (HP and Torque increases over stock) we can't really say how it compares to the PROcede.

And in all fairness, Shiv's car posted a 111+ mph trap time. That would indicate Shiv's PROcede car with exhaust is making more power with 2+ mph higher trap speeds. Sure, Rflow's ET was faster, but he was also on DR's not the stock tires (that Shiv's car was on) that spin WAY too easily to get traction and get ET's in the 12's with the PROcede and exhaust tuned. And I believe Shiv's car was tested on 91 Octane tune as well, not 93.

But again, it would require the two be tested on the same track or same dyno on the same day to really know for sure.

Rflow, have you tried a run on your stock (or normal street) tires with your tune??
If you haven't, you should and post those results for comparison sake too.[/

Why should he do that, to satisfy all the procede owners? Its true Shiv's car trapped 111 I believe but no other Procede car has come anywhere close to that number at the track so far, even those with an exhaust. Until one does, I dont think you can use that as much of a benchmark.

We all know the Procede makes great power and more torque than anyone else so far, but this is the fastest timeslip on a 335i period. I don't think rflow came on here to say AA's tune is better than Procede, he simply showed us the slip which speaks for itself.