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I love how you throw that in there. I thought you would have asked sooner though

Rflow, keep up the good work. I am going to be ordering my wheels in about a week or so (898r). Anyways, glad to see you are letting everyone know about something other than PROcede (no disrespect shiv ). AA will be releasing information about this tune real shortly. Dyno test/tune are still being made. From what I hear, results will be real competitive :rocks:
Thanks, that ride of yours is going to look wicked with 898r's.

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yo rflow. Hahah I was wondering where i knew your name from man

I chill over the mb forums from time to time, just to check news and stuff. nice to see a MB guy get a bimmer.

Bro ,a BMW with good torque is all it took. The 335i is just an awesome car no matter what brand you like. I hate to throw anybody under the bus but there are others like me lurking around from mbworld.