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Originally Posted by dobbo99 View Post
Change of circumstances mean I want the cash from my car, and cheaper monthly running costs, but I need something to get about in.

looking at something about 4/5k, and there seem to be plenty of Megane 225's about at that price (im sure for a good reason!) as well as getting into Mini territory as well.

any pointers/suggestions on the Meganes? fancy a bit of a (big) pocket rocket, I know these have been discussed previously on here.

other option is another e46, 320 m-sport or something similar.


If you're looking at the Megane - then try and get the 230 F! - as it was the much improved version of the 225 - after the 225 got a bit of a slating in the press. The 230 F1 went on to become a bit of a cult hero. I think they tweaked the chassis, suspension and fitted it with a slip differential.

For your budget - I'd also highly recommend a MK5 Golf GTi. I swapped my 330d for one 5 months ago and I love it. Mind, I did have one before the BMW - so knew what I was getting up to. However, 5k will only get you a high miler - but if it comes with full service history (VW or indi) - then there isn't much to really worry about. They go forever, providing you keep them serviced on time.

The Ford Fockus ST isn't too bad - but very thirst.