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Originally Posted by Awfully_Polite View Post
Sincere apolgies to mikey six and alan. I did not send you guys those PM's. For the record I am not from Bosnia nor has it been in my nature to attack any persons for the nationality/beliefs or views.

Your apology isn't fooling anyone. Why the hell would anyone want to hack your account on here and send private messages to people and engage in conversation in a sensible manner, I.e the Scottish comments made in this and PM's sent regarding this thread.

You say you were away when all this took place yet you've benn online a number of times making normal contributions to topics. I have been receiving a number of PMs from this idiot before and after the time of the alleged hacking. Your just someone who is clearly a racist/low life but to afraid to stand your ground about anything you pussy.

You've been sending messages to me saying you think I'm your ex gay lover or something and it doesn't have to be like this!!! Like what the fuck!!
Just to round things off, I do NOT know you in anyway, I'm not your ex boyfriend that's signed up with a new account, I've messaged moderators about the issue and hopefully they will take some notice..

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