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Originally Posted by Puerto Rican 335d View Post
Ok amigos I got the 1st of the production from the HEAD HONCHO!! Wagner Himself here is his response to my email:

Hello Axel,

We made 2 Prototypes and these are in my Hands right now.

After approval on a 335d and a 330d we are going right into production. We are going to make 100 then. This will take aprox. 45 days.

Price in Europe will be 650 Euros, and for North America it will be 650 USD.

The cooler is a real Plug and Play unit. It also uses the factory hoses.

Attached some crappy iphone pics, I will send you a couple more detailed shots these days.


mit freundlichen Grüßen / best Regards

Carsten Wagner
All good news and it sure look purdy, but ask him to provide the R&D data. I want to see some real world test data as it relates to pressure drop, outlet temps vs ambiet temps vs the stock IC etc.

If this is another we will make a bigger IC without any R&D data to support the benefits I am a little less excited about the prospect.