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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu
Guys-- Currently out of the country on a tuning trip and wifi is spotty at best.

As we've said before, if you need an unlock, just email us and we can email you a special firmware file that clears the VIN lock. This is nothing new. But it is a short-term solution until the new firmware is released. I will be back to the office mid next week to put the final touches on the new twin turbo firmware. I admit that it has taken longer to finish than anticipated. Main updates include:

-No Vin locking
-PWM meth will be functional on flexfuel map
-Will support external MAP sensor (any map sensor, not just 3.5bar) for high 20+psi
-No rough cold starts when running straight E85 (requires ProcedeFlash)
-Methanol purge function active (just like the ST firmware)

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Check your records on that please. I just paid you $46 via PayPal after you initially tried to charge me $121 to vin unlock. I emailed you specially asking about this. What's the story? That and you told me to ship it to you so I paid for that. I specifically asked if you could just email me the firmware...your guys/you said no.