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Originally Posted by JoeNathan View Post
Hi, I was looking for some advice to see whether or not I should change my bumper and exhaust on my 06 E90 325XI. I recently had someone hit my in the back, so my bumper needs to be replaced anyway. The guy at the bodyshop says he doesnt care which replacement bumper we put on, as long as it fits. I was hoping to either get a dual exhaust bumper like the 335's have, or get one like the M3's which have the quad exhaust close to the center.
So... My first question is: will any of those types of bumpers work?
Second Question: Can I even put the 335 or M3 Exhaust on my car? There is someone currently selling a 335 exhaust locally that I can pick up, I just don't want to buy it if it won't fit.
Your feedback is much appreceated!
Hi Joe, welcome to the forums.

As others have already stated, an M3 bumper will not fit your vehicle without several adjustments. From what I have seen, most people will get an M-Tech rear bumper with a custom diffuser, there are vendors on this site that sell them, also check the for sale section here, as some may be selling these privately at a lower cost.

As for the exhaust, again neither the 335 or the m3 parts will fit your vehicle. Magnaflow makes a muffler that you can bring to a muffer shop and have them custom fabricate quad tips for you. You have tons of options here. I suggest you really go back to the search button, as I'm sure you'll find a lot of examples and testimonials from people who have already done exactly what it is you are trying to do. I think "Lemmegetatthat" has a quad exhaust diffuser for an m-tech bumper, he was a pleasure to do business with, as I bought an m-tech bumper from him, and his pricing was very reasonable. Anyhow, good luck on your venture, and don't hesitate to ask any more questions. Sorry I don't have very detailed information for you
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