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Originally Posted by Andy198712 View Post
If it popped the lights on it should have pulled a plausibility code I think...?
I've only looked at the rear sorry
Are your lights permanent on now?
Should be able to view live data on the wheels as your driving which can help, either one will say 0 or it may jump up or down as your driving on one wheel (in the two abs sensors I've changed lately)
Thanks for the advice. The problem has got worse with the DSC light flashing every journey, at any speed, with power loss and braking, and sometimes all three yellow ABS/brake/DSC lights on.

Still no error codes. I figured out how to view in the live data wheel speeds in INPA, went for a slow drive, and yes I got one wheel (Rear left) jumping up from 30kph to 60kph randomly!

Have you found that the issue was just the abs wheel sensor, or any issues with the pickup in the wheel bearing?

Did you fit genuine or aftermarket sensors? I've heard of issues with cheap sensors, amazed that they are available for around 15 upwards - in my VAG days I was used to paying 50-70 for an OE quality sensor from ECP/GSF. ECP seem to list the same parts for early E90's as late ones, so no confidence buying from there. GSF only list rears for 2007-2009.

I got a price for a genuine rear wheel sensor from Hereford BMW for 88 delivered, wondering if I should just go with that?
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