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Rear Wheeler Sensor

Originally Posted by AndyVR View Post

Do all E90/E91/E92 have the same rear abs sensor /reluctor ring setup regardless of year?

I have read lots about reluctor rings on corroded rear driveshafts causing problems, yet I have been thrown by a couple of sites/parts places that have mentioned some E90's having a different 'active' sensor in the wheel bearing.

I have a 2010 E91 320i, that has just started with the DSC yellow triangle light flashing with power loss after a long drive, and this morning a tyre pressure warning (all pressures were spot on )

I'm going to look under the car this weekend, just wanted to be sure I have reluctor rings and the usual type of ABS sensors!

Well, by the 3rd right rear wheel sensor, I figured I had to delve a little deeper. What luck to stumble upon this thread. First, THANK YOU Andy VR!
I had the aforementioned christmas tree again. Also I had a little bird chirp backing up my driveway. You should always pay attention to smoke and strange noises, they usually lead you to the problem, but I had not learned from history. I figured the squeak was from a u joint or cv joint, because that's the noise my old chevys used to make when the u joint was on its way out. I pulled the wheel sensor I just installed about a week ago and the wear from rubbing on the reluctor ring was obvious. And when I spun the wheel in reverse my little birdie was gone. Spacers installed. Cleaned the rear wheels while I was at it, they look mighty fine. I haven't road tested her yet (328i), but I'm feeling very confident. Thanks again. I'll give you an updated after a couple of weeks of driving.
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