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Originally Posted by Catscratch View Post

Well I have my car back ... back tyres are on 3.3 bar, front ones 3.1-3.2 (can't remember exactly). They say ... if you want the best performance, go with run flats. They are VERY hard, but they don't give nothing in corners.

I'll see how my car handles with the new pressure (+0.8 bar).
I have 235/35/19 fronts and 265/30/19 rears and am running 2.4 bar front and 2.7 bar rear with a perfect wear pattern across the width of the tyres. The ride felt a little "bouncy" after I took the RFT`s off but never twitchy. I solved the "bounciness" by fitting Eibach springs.

3.3 and 3.1 bar seems a bit high to me, isn`t that what BMW quote for their reccomended tyres at full load/high speed ?