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Originally Posted by SilverEmu View Post
Another couple hundred kms on it and still positive about the change. The non-confidence inspiring feeling is all gone. I suspect a beefed-up set of sways would help even further with the body roll, but I am perfectly happy with the way it works now.
Steering feels very communicative now and very precise, with immediate response from the car. "Confident" is how I would describe the entire package.

In terms of ride quality - as described before, it feels stiffer, but I did not experience any "crashing" so far - and there is no shortage of bad roads in my area. Nothing to complain about, yet.

Height-wise, it seems to have settled at 13.75" (F) and 13" (R) - distance measured from the center of the wheel to the fender. I am not that concerned about this anyway, but I like how it ended up looking.

All in all, I still think it's a worthy upgrade.
Good to hear. Thanks!