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Originally Posted by boostaholic786 View Post
what mods do you have? Just curious what your power levels are for you to break your driveshaft from a 2nd gear roll from 30mph? I have a couple buddies as well as myself that are FBO+RB's and running a decently high E85 mixture. Me and my buddy running the JB4 G5 ISO and COBB flash have LSD but our other buddy has everything we do except the LSD and he gets on his car from a 2nd gear roll probably once every 20 minutes lol. I guess he likes buying tires. I occasionally and I mean occasionally get on it in 2nd but most my WOT runs are done in 3rd 4th and 5th. In third I feel pretty comfortable especially if I roll into the throttle. Are you on upgraded turbos E85 and meth? Just curious at what your power levels are to see if I need to prepare myself for the future.....
That crazy, I was thinking the same....I never launch in 2nd though because it is just a waste with our power lol!! Spin city!!!
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