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Originally Posted by RPM90
I've talked with several dealers and BMW sales people and what you say I haven't heard any of them say.

The BMW sales people I spoke with said I could order a 2006 E90 now and get it 6-8 weeks, or I could order a 2007 E90 in June for
July (earliest delivery). If I go with the 2007 they will work with me and BMW to extend my current lease till my new car comes.

They have also told me that the new coupes will be coming this fall.
So, they have the E92 info, but it's your E90 info that doens't jibe with what the dealers have.

Also, again, there is too much E92 info. being combined with the E90 info that causes confusion. I have no intention of getting a coupe. Thus, I'm trying to follow the E90 sedan info but it seems to get more and more convuluted daily.
I agree that all the info isn't out there...BUT my contact had the 335 coupe info back in late 05...which all came true...this same sheet had 335 sedan info on it so I have no reason to believe it won't come true.

I think your dealer is wrong about taking 07 330 orders and I am checking into it.