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Originally Posted by RPM90
Now wait. I was told that 2006 E90 orders END this May.
And, non ordered 2007 E90's will be on the lots in June/July, and that's been going on for years with BMW.
Also, I was told that 2007 E90 orders will be taken starting in June and will be filled on normal production schedules, unless there is a car in the "pipeline" that may be had quicker, which again is like always.

The unavailable until Sept. cars are the new E92 coupes which will be the 328 & 335. I think you may have combined the coupe and sedan info accidently?

I bought my 2003 325i in May of 2003. In June/July of 2003, the 2004 E46's were on the lots.
Also, the E90's have been on BMW lots for a year now and the model year is over in a month. Thus, your info seems at odds with what I'm seeing.
I believe 'normal' BMW cycles are model year production ending in August, with new model year in September. Are you sure about the 04 E46's? Because I took delivery of my ordered one in late June and it was an 03.

Don't get SOP's and availability messed up. 328/335 coupes SOP in June with 328/335 sedans SOP'ing in September. 6-8 weeks later puts them at the dealer. They are delaying the coupe release though even if the car is built.