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Originally Posted by stressdoc
I seriously doubt that BMW NA would release information about 2007 model year E90 engine changes until mid summer. They are not dumb enough to announce changes that would kill sales. Whenever they change engines some folks that put in orders for the previous model are going to be pissed that they were not told. That's life.

How you can work your lease extension around that is not an easy question. I do not think dealers are going to be willing to extend leases on unannounced models. But it's worth a try...

If Greginaz1 is right about SOP for E90 335, and he usually is, then dealers would not be able to accept build orders in June for it. It seems probable that 2007 will start off without the E90 335, so I doubt you would be able to put an order for one in June. All we can do now is get on waiting lists.
All you need to extend a lease is proof of deposit on an order with a BMW Center...mine indicates $1000 deposit along with ORDER 335i on it.

I would almost bet $ BMW is building 325's and 330's until German shutdown in August...and 328's and 335's when they open back up.