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Originally Posted by greginaz1
I believe 'normal' BMW cycles are model year production ending in August, with new model year in September. Are you sure about the 04 E46's? Because I took delivery of my ordered one in late June and it was an 03.

Don't get SOP's and availability messed up. 328/335 coupes SOP in June with 328/335 sedans SOP'ing in September. 6-8 weeks later puts them at the dealer. They are delaying the coupe release though even if the car is built.

Example: If you order a 2006 E90 by the end of May, then expect your car in 6-8 weeks, and it can take up to 12.
So, let's say 2 months, that is July from the end of May.
You'll get your ordered 2006 E90 in July of 2006.
If you order your 2007 E90, at the beginning of June then expect your car in 6-8 weeks maybe longer. Let's say 2 months, you'll get your 2007 E90 in August. Those are ordered cars.
The cars that get shipped early as dealer stock will come sooner, thus that's why they are on the lot earlier.

If Sept. is the month to get your "new" 2007 335i, then you should be able to order in July or even June. Thus, if that's true BMW should have announced those changes by now.

I am sure or the '04 models. I remember getting my 2003 325i at the end of May. There were great lease rates because it was the end of the model year. If I wanted to order an '04 E46 I could but the lease rates would be different. Also, I recall '04 E46 on the dealers lot later that summer.