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Originally Posted by RPM90
Ok, you're confusing yourself.
Thus, we need to keep coupe talk off at this point.

Again, 2006 E90 sedan orders will be taken until May 2006, to be delivered between 6-8 weeks after the order. Thus, your 2006 model will show up around July.
If you order a 2007 E90, which starts June, then you can expect your 2007 in August.

According to your info, 2007 E90 sedans can not be ordered until Sept. 2006 for Nov. 2006 delivery.
However, again, according to the multiple dealers I've talked with 2006 E90 orders end the May 2006.
If no 2007 E90 orders will be taken until Sept. 2006, then there will be 3 months of no 3 series orders. That does not seem possible.

Were there 2006 E90 sedans available in the summer of 2005?
Actually you are confusing me!

I dispute your 06 and 07 E90 order info...I have just been told the current E90 will still be built in June...I have also been retold the E90 335 will start production in September with July ordering.