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Originally Posted by Couch View Post
Dude, I've had some stupid bitch, i think it was the same bitch, run me off the road on an on-ramp. The two lanes merge to one. Everyone one was doing the one car next car blend and this bitch ran up on me and almost hit me. Two seperate occasions.
Ugh, thats just fucking annoying. And these people are allowed to drive...

Although it would be very slightly funny if it was the same bitch both times
Originally Posted by BMW E90 View Post
Question: if you suspect a drunk driver, would you actually call the cops? I mean I would probably do so to help prevent a tragic accident. On the other hand, it's gonna screw up the driver- especially if he/she is not drunk but has drugs or what not in their car. It's the case of "screw one and save others".
Theres already been a thread like this where the OP was flamed for not reporting a drunk driver

You're putting more value on some persons drugs over the life of another person? I suggest you take a step back and examine that for a long time and find why that is HUGELY wrong. You need to sort out your priorities.