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Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
I think it's funny how people in this forum hate such that regardless of the data provided would contradict the facts even though they have no real world knowledge regarding pumps. They read the manufacturers spec sheet and think that provides enough information to draw conclusion. I agree the last thing people want to do is to buy into a solution without knowing if it will actually work. But, it's also unfortunate the haters will tell you not to believe in a product that does work and direct you to a diy which works as a stock replacement, but still cannot sustain the volume required due to fitting requirements that reduces the pumps efficiency. So you're left pulling your hair out and all you want at the end of the day is a solution that works .

So, last summer I installed the flex fuel and flashed my dme so I could run 100% e85. Things looked good because I just replaced my HPFP and the car pulled like a rocket... Until I tried pulling through multiple gears... I started coding after shifting from 3rd to 4th and it was my LPFP. I called Shiv and he said to wait because FFTEC was working on a solution and they just had the same issue on the flex fuel test car and the LPFP replacement didn't fix the issue. So after a few weeks, Mike from FFTEC calls and tells me I'm on the list for a pump install prior to Shift S3ctor. Trust me when I say I was a little set back about the price at first and was wondering if this would fix the issue, but after having it installed, I was able to pull 433whp on a mustang with stock turbos. Ran 1/2 mile roll ons @ Shift S3ctor without one LPFP code. So honestly the numbers are great, but regardless someone will dispute anything that is posted by Shiv just because Shiv posted it. You also have to remember, this solution came from FFTEC, not Vishnu. FFTEC has been on the scene for a long time and has produced some sick tuner cars over the years. They know how to make power, but this is a new platform and they have some really talented people. So if first hand doesn't do it for you, you're only a few hours south of me, so if you find yourself wanting to take a road trip, drop me a line and shoot up to check it out first hand. I'm running a true 80% Ethanol content and I'm hitting 21psi peak boost. Can't wait to get a set of upgraded turbos or a big single. Hope this helps, if not you're always welcome to drive up and take a look and even go for a quick ride.

Again, I nor anyone is saying this inline pump setup doesn't work yet thats all the info we keep getting. Is that it WORKS. IT DOES WORK and I and most everyone agrees.

BUT, does it work in a superior fashion as promised, advertised, and claimed vs. the other options? That is all we need/want to know.

Again, the inline pump option works. So please, no one else post and say they have the inline pump and its working fine. That is not what is being asked.