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Originally Posted by ign335i View Post
What? You do realize there is another solution that costs 1/3 as much and maxed out the HPFP right? Vishnu is claiming to outperform that solution but isn't providing any data. I just want to see data and this can be settled. Doubt its going to come from Vishnu though since after looking at the math, pump curves, and the shady flow calculations I already have a pretty good idea how that comparison is going to shake out.
YEA? And? If there is a "solution" else where get it and stop trolling and following the vishnu hate camp.

Originally Posted by BigBoosting View Post
Wait are you serious??? Funny you word it that way considering there are millions of theories that work on paper that in fact dont prove to be laws in real world applications.

Not to mention. AGAIN there are other options out there that are being touted as inferior to this inline solution, yet there is no date to prove that claim.

When there is an option being 1/3 of the cost of the"superior" product and that "superior" bashes the other then you would expect proof. So far the "superior" product never acknowledges any factual numbers or comparisons between the two but claims to be the better option without any real world data.

This is totally not an unreasonable request. If you are looking to buy any product do you just go off of what the manufacture says or do you look at real comparisons between competing products?
Umm wow dude. You just agreed with me. Good job. I said to look at real word results and in the real world it works.

If you had any sort of knowledge of fueling capacity, fuel pumps, physics and mathematics you can do all the math yourself based on manufacturer data. If the said pump doesn't meet manufacturer specifications in a tested and controlled environment then take it up with the manufacturers directly aka if walbros 450lph only runs 400 lph on a test bench at the required voltage then thats not vishnus fault.

The problem with many requests in here is they are above and beyond what is expected.

I buy 50lb injectors for my mustang. Did i look at the data. Tell the manufacturer to prove it can run it on a mustang? No i put them in got the car tuned and enjoyed the car and im happy. Yet you guys piss and moan over data which you wont be able to use, understand, need, and it will never be enough. All vishnu haters are the same, just like the other guys crying there arent enough 10 second time slips. Go get your own data or suck it up and deal with the info given. If you dont like it and find a better option then go buy it.