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Well, you've answered a lot of my questions already and avoided all my illustrative pit-falls so I don't see a lot of problems for you apart from the routine run of the mill problems that are part and parcel of doing this sort of thing.

The good bits for you are that other houses in the same street have the same type of extension and that family and friends are a source for a lot of the building work.

Mind you, if you had mentioned some of that in your first post I would have assumed that you were posting for a chat about it rather than assuming, as I did, that you might actually be looking for guidance.

So, chat. It sounds like a really good way to cut your teeth on the subject, for the reasons you have given. Some of the biggest nightmares involve the red tape around the extension which doesn't sound like a problem unless you want one that's really different (size, appearance) to the other houses. A lot of your crucial trades will be done by trustworthy people and there is decent site access as well.

I'm sitting here trying to invent a "what could go wrong" scenario that would blow the budget to pieces but I can't think of anything other than some sort of expensive fault to the existing building - and I don't mean the start of rot or rising damp, both of which are usually easily sorted - but more subsidence or signs of structural cracking but these would have been/will be picked up prior to buying the house so all I can say is have a nice time with all the itty bitty problems like materials not arriving in time, neighbours filling your skip, and so on.