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If I could save just 5k miles a year over three years I would get the following savings. Fuel $4,250, one 20k mile maintenance on the 911, $2,500, 3 oil changes $750, Insurance $2k. Lets say just $2.500 more for the the rest of maintenance costs like brakes, tires, etc for an even $12,000. Thats a savings of $333 a month that after three eyars would leave me with a turbo with only 65k miles vs. 80k miles. And I am sure I could cut out more miles than just 5k a year on trips that didnt matter, mainly to clients. And it would actually be a lot easier to ask for rate increases with my clients rolling up in a mini vs. the damn 911.

So I am hard pressed not to think its a no brainer.
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