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Originally Posted by VNeBLOB42 View Post
yeah, you got some Throttle closures. Always have DTC/DSC completely off when doing logs.

by the looks of your log, you were 2nd gear then shift into 3rd then WOT Correct?

timing corrections are pretty noisy, usually I like to see 3 or less cyl. with 3.38 or lower, you got all 6.

to clean up throttle closures you have to dial back WGDC and or up the load, but that is above my expertise. you can do that in ATR.

try to find a good safe stretch of road, you should not be dodging pot holes or traffic. get in gear 3 hold it at 2500 RPMS, start COBB, wait a sec then WOT. Read this thread it will help you.

This may be too aggressive for your setup. are you 93 octane? Do some more logs where conditions are better. to really determine.

What is also interesting, your Boost is over 18.5, I'd thought COBB OTS max out at 18.5? Maybe overboost is causing the throttle closures? @Benzy89?
Yup, 93 octane. I'll do another few runs on the interstate tomorrow.

What is interesting is that the first two runs did not have the timing pulls like the later two did.
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