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Originally Posted by VNeBLOB42 View Post
looking pretty good my friend.

did you have DTC/DSC completely off? you had a slight throttle closures around 4k range (TPS ACT.). Pretty consistent with each log. do a couple more and upload them to be sure. Are you on a long flat road?

by the looks of things are your S1 Agg? provide some more info, mods, gas, MAP, gear etc.

I can't upload attachments, because e90 is lame,

But looking at the graphs you do have a slight over boost at the RPMs where the Throttle closures happen. That maybe the cause. @MikeS300 just went through the same thing, read his post a couple up.
Good to hear and thanks for the help

Yes, My DTC and DSC were off.

I'm using S1 Agg LT, no mods, 98 RON, 65000 km (if that helps).

Some of the road were not straight and flat, the first datalog (Datalog 2 was on a long stretch flat road.

I'll probably get more datalog before conclude that I have overboost issue but if I do I'll speak with Cobb.