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Originally Posted by BanziBarn View Post
I've never noticed mine doing a re-gen. Didn't notice my old Leon doing it either.

We don't do a big mileage in the 330 which I know is bad for cars with a DPF - perhaps I'm storing up some trouble to come!

But to be honest, I hardly ever hear about problems with this component on the forum. Over on Seatcupranet almost every other post was about it!
Yeap, the VW DPF's rely on temps being raised by normal driving - they are passive. They dont initiate a 'regen' as ours do and raise the temperture via the ecu.

I mate had a leon and he often had to take it for a 20 min mway drive to clear the DPF warning light. Burning that much fuel kinda defeats the point of owning a diesel.

quite a good article here and sounds like a common problem (not for BM owners luckily)
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