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Originally Posted by allin View Post
I do not have "unlimited funds" to play with. I went shopping for a used 06 BMW or Audi. I like both the 3 series and A4's. They both drive with a certain German feel that my past Japanese cars did not have. Plus, in all honesty, the badge prestige was a bonus.

Price-wise, what I found comparable was 06 325i with limited options was around the same price as an 06 A4 with many options (including nav). I shopped manuals since I think it is more involving.

Finally chose the 325i for the fact that the inline 6 is way more smooth and sounds better than the turbo 4 in the A4. Plus, the manual in the 3 is more precise.

However, I live in Syracuse, NY. We receive on average 120+ inches of snow each year (lake-effect from Ontario). I definitely miss the AWD that is standard in the A4. Now, before anyone screams about Xi, note that this would have increased the cost of the 325 at least 2-3k. AWD is in demand here and fetches higher prices.

So yes, I bought the 325i despite the fact that the A4 would have given me more equipment, AWD, and similar German feel. Because the engine and manual tranny are just better in the Bimmer.

I throw on snows and make due for 3-4 months. Then enjoy the rest of the 8-9 months of good weather. Seams like a fair tradeoff to me.

That said, if the 3 and A4 were women, I would not kick either out of my bed.
Hey, welcome to the forum. I live in Syracuse as well.