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nothing like hurt feelings in interwebs.

Bottom line to me: all 4 cars being discussed (S4, S5, 335xi, 335i) have similar performance numbers. since you're not racing your vehicles, the fractions of a second differences between them at STOCK mean nothing at all.

so f*ck the performance. it's a wash. so now you have to decide which of the other features you feel are most important and make your decisions from there on which best meets your expectations and needs.

lease/purchase costs. available packages. available color combinations. available features. style inside and out. reliability. uniqueness. modability. tire sizes. user-friendliniess of the satnav system. expected resale value.

consequently, my next vehicle is most likely to be an A5 2.0T, which can easily be modded for solid performance and HP, yet looks beautiful to my eyes. I love the white on butter brown like Tiger Woods loves white women.

and so it will be for me. and damn what anyone else thinks because it's my money and I'm for damn sure going to be a happy man. some of you guys need to deal with your insecurities. you'll have more fun in life.
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