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Originally Posted by E90ice View Post
I don't understand why there is all this talk about the torque?

How does it help?

E60 M5 500hp and 386 torque:

0-60 - 4.5 sec
1/4 mile - 12.3

E55 AMG 500 hp and 517 torque:
0-60 - 4.5 sec
1/4 mile - 12.4 (Road & Track)

The M5 is just as fast with much less torque than the E55.

So, why alll this talk about the torque? Not trying to flame anything or anyone...just wondering....
High torque means that there is a lot of power also at lower revs. This you can verify also from power curve. However, typically they don't publish power curves e.g. due to the space they take. Thus giving torque and power figures and their respective revs describes the power delivery through the rev range better than power figure alone. So torque is power at low - medium revs. It does not mean a thing in maximum acceleration, since in acceleration you use only high revs since there is more power than in low/mid rev range.

However, it is nice to have power also in low/mid range. I.e. it is nice to have high torque figure.