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Mike, thanks for posting Terry's response.

1) Read more carefully. I never said I invented the clutch stop. It’s been around for years. I said I invented the “easy to install E90 clutch stop” and I invented the first “easy to install adjustable E90 clutch stop”. I’m sure you’ve never seen my clutch stop before you walked into home depot. I guess that’s how you found my install pictures…which by the way you’re still using. Just because you darkened the red circle around the stopper doesn’t mean it’s your picture. You’re not fooling anyone.
2) If you say so.
3) If you say so.
4) Possible.
5) True but not the only reason. No need to rehash.
6) You must have a full service webmaster. They do everything for you including using my pictures. Nice.

It’s ok, I don’t expect anything from you. I just wanted the community to know. And again, I did not invent the clutch stop. I invented the easy to install E90 clutch stop.