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Originally Posted by marcvtec View Post
So now two - three weeks later where are we at ?
We are at, the test car is on the road, there were numerous hold ups while putting it together, quite a few stemmed from getting all the sensors to function properly, the turbo speed sensor is still not working right, I have a direct line with a garret tech guy and he is helping diagnose, Wedge is flashing to the rom I need tomorrow so we can get tuned, car has been on the road since last weekend and have been breaking in clutch, clutch is almost there still needs a few more miles, we should be tuning full bore tomorrow evening.

As far as shipping, again even after changing vendors because my first one was too slow, we wait on one part, the new wastegate flapper, I placed that order over well over 3 months ago and was told 30-45 days, its now been double and I am told I will see the part the end of this week, our hands our tied, we have everything we need to begin building except the flappers, we can't very well send out turbos with no wastegates.

So far the car is running good, we made some modifications to it that have not been tried before, and those were also a source of the hold up, when you are trying to do things that have never been done, you have to work though issues. They are coming, I want to get the car on the dyno and start shipping more than you guys, believe that. As long as all goes well tomorrow - friday the car will be at SS on Saturday. If we run into any problems we prob wont make it to the dyno in time to make the race. We have our fingers crossed that all the issues are behind us.

Just a side note, not a single one of these issues has been turbo related. Fuel system, wiring, getting MAF sensors to fit where there is really no room for one, etc, etc, things like that all add up. Thanks for your patience.