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Why does everyone seem to think its not a "Pure manual" transmission. Everything seems exactly the same as the 6MT with the exception of it having a feature to prevent shifting into the improper gear.

The second option he writes about which is the clutchless manual is the one that everyone should be worried about?

Originally Posted by DrivenByE30 View Post
It might not be an automatic, but it still not a true manual...
(can you dump the clutch?) ...

Well, i can see it is steps closer to simulate the true manual.

And at least, This system will make it much easier/practical for people to drive a "manual"! And it's Fool Proof !

.... as long as you can still dump the clutch... i would be happy.

and what about the clutch point ?? will we still feel it?? i have a feeling no... because no more mechanical link if all is by wire...
The clutch point is another important aspect of the manual!

This is similar to the electrical steering... one more ties to the road being disconnected...

Can't wait to see what BMW comes up... if they can perfectly simulate the manual without any compromise... then i will be sold!
The first of the two options is an actual manual transmission where the only new electronics involved is the system that blocks out improper shifts. There is still a clutch, you still feel it, you still row the gears, it just has a safety feature to prevent shifting into the improper gear.