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Originally Posted by bmroxm5 View Post
you sure 255s will be rubfree? what 19" wheels are you on?

I'm planning on running a 19 x 9.5 ET50 in the rear and not sure whether to go 245/35 or 255/30... and I'm lowered too, barely one finger gap.
I'm not 100% certain but it seems like the next logical step for me. I'm using Alufelgen SF-71 19's. The rears are only 9 inch wide and they keep their offsets hush as their perfect for the 1 series. My car is very low though, doubt you could fit a finger in there. It's only rubs occasionally when I have more than one passenger, I'm sure if I raised the car slightly it wouldn't be an issue, ever. I've compared tire widths on tirerack and the 255 seems like a better fit for the 1 series.

I just threw this feeler out there in case anyone was interested, I know the 265/30/19 are ideal for the 3 series. Someone might be interested in having a spare set of rears or possibly upgrade their 255/30/19 PSS in a swap. If nothing comes of it I'll hang onto them as they're a fantastic tyre. The 19s are no longer at the car and I'm running 18's right now so they are not accumulating any km's.

Which wheels are you planning to run in that size/offset?