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Thinking about this, the diagram I attached previously is for the "Independent heating water valves".

My car is a UK spec 335i Auto, so I am thinking it doesn't have an "Independent Heating/Auxilliary heating" system, as that's some thing special that people living in colder climates (Canada, Russia etc.) have?

The next attachment shows the "contraption" which could just about be seen at the bottom of the previous image - it seems to be the Auxilliary Heating unit, which in the attached diagram is heated by burning fuel and even has it's own exhaust/muffler - kind of backing up my point that I don't have Independent\Auxiliary Heating.

Can anyone clarify what is going on here????? Basically:

a) Do I have a Changeover Valve in my UK 335i Auto with dual zone climate control
b) If so, where the hell is it!?

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