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thermostat is electrical so it should probably throw a code.....

do you know how to activate the water pump for bleeding? ie holding pedal down for 10 secs etc?

i had my car on the dis version where you can test if the flaps are sends the signal and reports back....i guess the flap could still be physically broken who knows lol...

i think its the mixer flap that decides the temp isnt it?

ive read in some bleeding methods they insist you have the car tilted up from the front whilst bleeding? try parking your car on a very steep hill and then try the heaters/bleeding/adding water etc....

also yeah i guess our cars dont have a change over valve.....however our heater controls literally act like a manual change over valve...instructing the mixer flap on how much heat to let using a temp sensor? (id guess that anyway)

im gonna be checking fuses/relays shortly....

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