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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
It is my daily driver but I work from home so I don't really go anywhere every day.

The front spring rates are high but honestly it feels good. Like under 20mph in alleys and stuff it is noticeably stiff but out on the road it just feels really tight. When you go over bumps or imperfections the car moves but the events are over so fast and the movement of the car so well controlled that its great. And the car handles so flat, no brake dive, very little squat under acceleration, and very little body roll on turning. I ant really describe it well but it just feels like the car does what you want it to now with no drama and no thinking about it... It's just instantly turning. It's awesome.

The GC rates seem high but I think they know what they are doing. I'm a believer right now.
OP, you have a nice looking set-up here. I would say your rear spring rate is 'spot on' but the fronts may be a little stiff. You may experience a 'pitching motion' when you go over bumps, like the car is wanting to rock back and forth and when you are at the limit, you will be more likely to have understeer with that stiff of a spring. Typically (for our suspension) the sweet spot for the front spring is anywhere between 300-400# front springs (even for taking the car to the track or autocross).

Not saying that your set-up is wrong, but it may be worth trying if have the opportunity