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This is for the people who think am robbing the insurance guys, that am a bad person

Am not a bad person. It's my fault you guys read wrong. Ask me before saying stuff about me. Thank you

The people who thought I was playing the insurance company.

Please don't jump on my throat if you just look at a few numbers.

The garage i work at is my dads garage which I will be taking over soon. We are a well respected garage. Have been open for over 30 years. So don't go saying that we are a funny garage if you don't anything about the garage.

Just because I got hit by a car 2 weeks ago and got a nip 6 months ago and that my car got broken in to last night. doesn't make me a bad person. It happens to every one.

Who ever said it's karma, how. What have I done wrong?

Please ask before thinking I was robbing a insurance company to replace a window.
You got to be silly for thinking I was charging a insurance company 1229 pound for a window and which would be my own insurance company. Which company would pay that much for a window.

Paid 77 pound to replace my window.

1229 pound is for my car which got hit 2 weeks ago. Our company does the job the proper way which to get 2 new doors and spray the side etc.

Course am going to be happy if my claim is over and done with. I don't want to be driving around with a damage car.

I told the person he doesnt have to go through insurance but he said he wanted too. And I wasn't in the car when it got hit so don't think am claim whiplash.

I pay 2600 for my insurance. 0 point on my pink card and first claim ever. So how am I making people insurance high.

So please think before jumping ahead.

Don't get me wrong it did look like I was charging 1229 for a window. But ask me before saying I was.

And am not a bad person how most of you guys said I was.

Most of the people know who they are
Thank you