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Originally Posted by Evan@Tischer View Post
Lookin' great!!!

Can't wait to see the completed project! Thanks for letting us help!!
Thanks for being there! I don't know how you guys get to all of those Emails but you manage to make people feel like they're the only client. Great work! And...your painters do class A work. Sure you don't wanna pre-paint my Msport rear and ship it to me when the time comes?

Originally Posted by Ghost170 View Post
interested to see the outcome of your car. congrats!
Thanks. Hopefully, the drop and interior project will be done by the end of next week. The rims are backordered but I'm actually likin' the stockies more and more. We'll see how they look after the drop, tho. At least need rear spacers.

Originally Posted by yamazaho View Post
Very nice project, subscribed to see the outcome.
Thanks. I don't think you'll be disappointed. The interior will make it unique, at least for a 328i E93. (a little hint)

Originally Posted by whn View Post
I really want to see what you will do to beige interior I have same interior and wanna do something little to it
Cool! Hopefully you'll be able to by this time next week...unless the part from Germany gets delivered trashed again. (Lightning can't strike twice, can it? ).

This project is designed for the E93 (another little hint) but I'm sure could be accomplished in an E92 if you like it. You'll understand what I mean when you see it. It will end up looking like a BMW Individual interior, of sorts...still OEM but nothing I have seen on the forum before.

But...I was not motivated out of uniqueness but rather ALL OF THAT BEIGE. Like laying in a tub of flan (which is really interesting, BTW). Thank goodness beige and black look sooo good together.

Originally Posted by remmib View Post
Very nice, and LOL at the collagen comment.
Haha. Thanks. Too much reality TV, I guess. At least these cars don't start lookin' like Lisa Rinna after a few years.

Originally Posted by Craig@SupremePower View Post
nice combo..
Thanks! It wouldn't be my first choice but I think I can almost make it so with these changes. It was hard to turn down this '08 with only 5K, practically new inside and out, for only 33k @1.9% and CPO'd no less. It was driven so little it needed a new battery (which they paid for).

Originally Posted by OlagŁe View Post
Thanks. This combo especially looks good as a convertible. At least, that's what I kept telling myself as I was signing the papers...before I came up with the idea for the interior.

Originally Posted by ibeclueless View Post
looking good, nice list of future mods
Thanks. Please don't tell the wife. I want to "surprise" her. What's the expression: "It's sometimes easier to apologize than to explain"? I'm sure someone on this forum understands.
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