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Originally Posted by E30M3Driver
I just installed mine. Thanks for this thread. It was awesome. Alarm was $250 out the door at my local dealer.

Some points (I have a early Sept. build car):

-I did it without disconnecting the battery.
-I did it in reverse order-siren, hood pin, interior
-Mine didn't work until I had all the pieces connected
-Once I got the last piece in, clown nose started blinking
-I tested it as follows-rolled down the windows, locked the car, waited for clown nose to stop fast blink, reached in and unlocked the car with the button on the center console, opened the driver's door from the inside-instant siren.

However, mine does not chirp when I lock the car, one of the key features for me, grrrrr!

I do not have Idrive.
You need to have the dealer activate the alarm in order for the chirp sound to be active when locking the car using the fob.