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Lately I have been torquing them myself after I take it in to service. I use a digital wrench that is set to 88 lb ft. I guess its possible that in the past they have been over torqued. Is there any way I can inspect the lugs to see if they have been damaged by being over torqued?

Today I took one of the front wheels off. I found what looks like anti-seize applied to the outside of the rotor hat on the rotor to wheel mating surface. There also appears to be some sort of grease coming up from under the rotor hat from the hub itself. Is it possible that the wheel bearing/hub itself is leaking? Or maybe they put some (copper?) grease on under the rotor for some reason? The lugs themselves looks pretty clean.

Would any of these things introduce runout into the brake rotor install?

I also noticed that when I spin the wheel on the hub there is a bit of drag from the pad on the rotor. Sometimes it appears to "catch" on a spot. Is drag normal?

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