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So, here are some vids. Most of what I see on youtube are cars under full throttle acceleration. Most of us don't drive that way most of the time, so here's a bit of what you might experience on a day to day basis.

Some sound is under 140 Hz. Listening to this on your smart phone won't work. If you have a system with a subwoofer, that's best. I'd also recommend turning the volume up a bit louder than you'd normally have it to get a good idea of how it actually sounds.

First video includes idle and rev:

Here's a normal take off from a light onto a back road. Windows are down during first half. Up and in DS during second half. The tone is a little louder than what you'll hear. My cell phone mike makes things sound a bit tinny:

Here are a couple of videos cruising on the highway. Keep in mind the speedo reads 4mph fast. The second video starts with accelerating from the on ramp.