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Here is an email on the service I received from Mike Calton with Bavarian Motor Cars. I placed my order whilst serving in Iraq. I have referred several customers his way. First time I met him was in Germany when taking delivery of my new car. I am one of the few customers who get to meet him, as mainly his business is over the internet with serving memebers world wide
who take delivery of their car at a US Port.

From: Jimmy Olson [mailto:jimmy.olson@]
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2008 3:51 PM
To: Jeff D
Subject: Re: Assistance

Mr. D,
I purchased my car through Mike Calton while deployed to Iraq which in itself add to complication, However Mike made this the easiest and
least stressful car buy I have ever experienced. I have bought several new cars face to face in dealerships and I truly believe that buying over
the Internet is the easiest experience as its hard to be intimidated, not that Mike would ever do this, but Im sure you have been to a dealership
and felt the pain of dealing with a new car salesman.

The process is very simple and easy. You pick what you want or even close to what you want initially. Once you have decided you tell Mike and you arrange
the initial fee for whichever car you decide to buy to get the car to start building. I ordered a 2009 and I think I started in Mid July so I had much more room
for changes due to my car didnt start build until Sept 1st. After you nail down everything you want I would suggest arranging the financing or paying the car
outright as soon as possible so you dont have to deal with that later down the road and once the car is built it can be picked up immediately.

I would not trade this experience for anything. Mike is a very smart and motivated guy on Minis and BMWs. I was bouncing back and forth on either the M3 or the
550i. I had never driven either but have a friend that owns an M3. Mike sent me info on both cars and gave me his opinion. The best part is I truly feel he
led me to the proper car for me and believe it or not the M3 I was considering was probably going to cost the same if not more than the 550i I ordered.

Also Mike is like a personal assistant through the whole process not just a Salesman in my opinion. Anytime I had a question I shot him an email and I can tell you
Im not an easy person to please when buying a car. I sent more than 50 emails pertaining to the car and Mike always had an answer whether it was what I wanted to hear
or not which means Mike does not do lip service. He tells you how it is.

I hope this helps you in easing your concerns on buying a car overseas. I would do it again and gain if the opportunities present themselves again.

James Olson

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Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 5:46 PM
To: Mike Calton, Bavarian Motor Cars GmbH, Military Sales
Subject: 550i

Id just like to thank you for steering me towards the 550i. I still every now and again think I wanted the M3 more but the 550i is by far the
better all around car. Its bigger more luxurious and I dare say much better looking, at least to me. It would have been a chore piling three kids
in the back of an M3 for jaunts down the road. Maybe when the wife inherits the 550 I will go with an M3, who knows. For now I will enjoy
everyone telling me, to include the local dealers, that I own their favorite BMW.

You are an exceptional BMW salesman and if its possible for me to buy through you again even if Im in the states I would do it in a blink of
an eye. Once again thank you for the true BMW buyers experience and making it the least painful car buy in my life.


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