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Turner Motorsport N52 ECU Flash

Hi All,

I have an 06 330XI with the N52 and am thinking over getting the Turner ECU flash. Has anyone done this mod? If so, I would love to hear from you. I have poured over the previous ECU flash posts and wasn't able to find anyone that had one.

To save everyone's time and to prevent this thread from ending up where many seem to go:

1) I don't want a 335...Great cars but it took me me forever to find the car I have now with the options and color I wanted. It is also low mileage, paid off and in excellent condition.

2) I know that the N52 motor is tuned to a couple of inches of max performance from the factory.

3) If the you can get 15HP out this it seems like a good deal. $27/hp isn't bad in my book for an NA mod.

Thanks in advance!
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