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Originally Posted by ndog14 View Post
You won't get 15HP out of that. What that ECU does is make the minimum octane rating for the N52 as 91. Also, that 15HP it promises is with the air intake it comes with. And that air intake isn't a cold air intake. I have not seen a reasonably priced cold air intake for the N52. What those air intakes do is pull in hot air from the engine bay. You're better off with a DAS scoops, K&N filter, and a charcoal filter.
Thanks NDOG, That is great info on the intake setup. The TMS kit that I was looking at quoted 15hp/and 12 ft-lb without the intake. I am just amazed that I haven't seen anyone that has this mod. I run my car on 91+ so no issue there but I would like to give it a try if I could just find one person that has done it. I was hoping that maybe someone with a 330i has with a dyno run to show some numbers because the closest 4-wheel dyno to me is a haul.
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