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As already stated hydrate and rest well days leading to the PT test. Oh bananas and peanut butter is your friend
My recommendation is to try running a minimum of 4 miles to build endurance it helped me with my two mile run. I weigh 210 to 215 lbs an I donít like to run long distance I can sprint which helps me somehow.
Alternate days with distance run versus interval sprints,
Push ups:
Elevated Push up helped me with increased push ups. Do wide, regular shoulder width and close hand push ups. Your hands do not need to be that close
Posture: face forward and pace your breathing with the up and down movement.
If you practice doing 30 to 40 elevated push up in a minute I am certain you will get to 58 or 69 push ups in one minute. The key is to push out as much as you can as fast as possible
Weight lifting will require post work out for faster recovery and does not help with proper form
For the next minute on push ups take deep breath while waiting for 10 to seconds. Give it you all attempting to get 15 or twenty more before your 2miutes is up.
Sit up:
I pretty much use my abs for the first minute and legs for the next. This is why I always require someone strong to hold the high area of my ankle down firmly.
Lower abdomen work will also help with sit ups
Good Luck!