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Originally Posted by Pseudo Nim View Post
This is not quite correct. It throws a code "exhaust flap is open" or something (I don't have it on me now, but you can see it with the BT tool) but it also says "CEL light will NOT turn on", so it's not a major code. I've had it open for about 7 months now, quite lovin' it, and the last time I went to the dealer, they even updated my software (i.e. they certainly saw the code) and didn't care.
I will doubble check but if there is a code it has to be informational only. Anyway, my 335i is getting louder especially at 3000 rpm, the sound is just unbelivable sounds like I have a v12 really a head turner when I step on the gas. I can't believe they closed exhaust up but I guess for some people it might be too loud at crousing speed, personally I love it! And I was going to spend ~ 800 on a exhaust just to make it sound better hahahaha, thanks for posting this mod!